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We Put Health First

Our History in Vending

For over 50 years we have provided vending services to B.C. One of the few locally owned vending operators left. We pride ourselves on keeping British Columbians employed and our business in B.C. Our operational area stretches all the way from the Island to the Interior. We have depots in Nanaimo, and Kelowna and our main warehouse in located in Langley.
We understand local needs and conditions. B.C. is different, we don't do  USA based cookie cutter options for our customers. We source local product and support local businesses. We have led the industry when it comes to Healthy Choices.

We specialize in offering the right vending across all of these environments: We have program options to suit most situations:

  • Casinos

  • Recreation Facilities

  • Hotels

  • Schools

  • Large Manufacturing Environments

  • Corporate Office

  • The Automotive Industry

  • Museums, Arenas & Pretty Much Anywhere Else People Need Vending

Attention to detail and a passion for offering the best vending service is what drives us.

If you have over 80 employees or have 100 people a day move through your location we would love to hear from you.  

What truly makes FVV an exceptional company that has created a massive stir within the industry is our cutting-edge technology. We are one of the only vending machine companies in BC that is managed 100% virtually. We are connected live to every one of our vending machines:

This allows us to:

  • Know when a machine is out of order

  • Know the exact fill level and contents of each machine

  • Pre-pack the contents of each machine – we arrive onsite with totes full of exactly the product that each machine needs. No more guessing games

  • We offer the widest range of analytics, we can go as deep as we require – even down to the coin mech fill level history

  • Run our company on real data based on each location’s requirements and actual preferences

We always have the best technology



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